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Medical Equipment supplies

Prime biomedical is a best provider of high end medical equipment and supplies in Uganda Our Company collaborates with the manufacturers of medical equipment and supply direct to our customers in the healthcare facilities in Uganda.

Medical Equipment Repair and Preventive maintenance

Prime Biomedical has a technical support team of experienced Biomedical and computer Engineers to install, calibrate, repair and maintain medical equipment to ensure efficient, clean, safe and optimum functionality.

Acceptance Testing

This is the only suitable means to guarantee the safe introduction of new device in a healthcare facility through measuring the initial values and parameters for electrical safety reasons and subsequent monitoring of the equipment to ensure compliance with the equipment safety regulations in Uganda.

Training and Consultancy

Prime biomedical offers consultancy services on the Comparative technical assessment of new technologies in project development from inception, design and implementation and after sales services including

Biomedical Waste Management

Prime Biomedical (U) LTD ensures that biomedical waste is properly managed and disposed of to protect the environment, general public and workers, especially healthcare and sanitation workers